Unique solution

  "Eye Get It" - the first and unique communication solution for people with autistic spectrum. It is directed to help people understand speech by visualizing it with images by recording and converting speech to images.

Unlimited possibilities

  The “Eye Get It” application has unlimited possibilities - AI helps generate any image according to each person's needs.

Works for both

  The solution is perfect for both sides. It helps autistic people to express thoughts and understand directed speech, as well as helps others to communicate with people on the spectrum - to understand them and explain to them their thoughts.

Helps to learn

  Easy and fast way to learn new words, sentences, pronunciation and improves typing and writing skills.

Easy to use

  Easy to use! All you need is a mobile phone or tablet and internet connection. Shopping, traveling, and meeting friends are not a problem anymore with "Eye Get It" application.

App Download

The Demo for expected release date - 09.2023
Avaliable for Android and iOS

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