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  • How much costs the application?

    Now application is free of charge.

  • Is it necessary to install application on two devices?

    No, you can install and setup application using only one device. To change the roles, use toggle at the top of main screen. If you do not see toggle, you can turn it on (Menu -> Switch Mode).

  • If I see some mistakes in the application, what can I do about it?

    On the main screen you can see Report a mistake link. Please tap (click) and report a mistake. Our moderator will fix it, if report will be relevant.

  • Can I use my own image as avatar?

    No, you need to choose one of the offered avatars. Avatars are used in the cards for composing sentences. Chosen avatars will show up in different poses and actions.

  • Can I upload my own images for the words?

    Yes, but only if the image is missing in our image library.

  • Can I add two Children devices to one Parent device?

    No, you can add only one Children device to one Parent device.

  • If I disconnected Child device, can I connect it back again or connect different Child device?

    Yes, you can connect the same Child device again. Or you can connect new Child device. To connect new Child device, just download and install application to your new device, change the role to child (at the bottom screen part) and pass-through standard setup up. Connect Child and Parent device. Child device will take all the settings from the Parent device.